A Unique Steampunk Watch Makes You Cool

steampunk watch
Steampunk is a compound word consisting of two words steam and punk. Steam naturally represents a large machine powered by a steam engine.

Punk is a non-mainstream, marginal culture. It is a style of writing in street language dialogue. Its significance lies in the independence of the subject's style, rather than anti-sociality.

Steampunk works often rely on certain hypothetical new technologies, such as new energy, new machinery, new materials, new vehicles, etc., to show an overhead worldview parallel to the Western world in the 19th century, and strive to create its fiction and nostalgia.

I have to say that nowadays most people are accustomed to using mobile phones to watch the time. It seems that fewer and fewer people use traditional watches...Please give me a reason to wear a watch? That is a steampunk watch that blows up from the sky. It is not as powerful as a watch, but more like a work of art.

Speaking of having authentic steampunk style watches, we must mention the famous Japanese designer Haruo Suekichi, who is completely handmade.

Speaking of Haruo Suekichi, I have to mention that he has made 6,000 or 7,000 watches so far. From no one cares to him, he is now highly sought after and hard to find. He is already a big man worshipped by many watch fans.

These steampunk watches are not made to please watch enthusiasts and those in the military. Each watch uncle is meticulous to every small part. The leather decoration around the watch is enough to shock our vision, not to mention the inherent intricacies. Designed, people who don’t know punk watches will think they are props for science fiction movies at first sight.

However, because most of the punk watches have a bloated body, they are not suitable for normal wear, but they have a retro design of steampunk style, which is quite valuable for collection.

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