How to Buy a Mens Watch? a Guide to Buying the Best Men's Watch

mens watches

Since ancient times, men and watches have had a deep relationship. Men love watches, just as women love diamond rings. A decent watch is very important. It highlights a man’s social economy, temperament connotation, aesthetics, etc.

It is the most important piece of jewellery for men, and it is also a man’s "first business card". With every gesture, you can convey what you want to others. The signal passed. So, how do men choose a men's watch that suits them?

The most important principle of choosing a watch

Whether this watch can evenly symmetrical your wrist. If it is too big, it will be very eye-catching, if it is too small, it looks like a lady's watch. (Even and moderate)

choosing a men's watch

There are roughly six types of watches: fashion, pilot, diver, racing, field, and smart. 

Men's watches are generally divided into business type, leisure type, and sports type. So which one should I buy? The following should be done within the scope of economic conditions:

1. It must match what you wear;

2. It must match the occasions and usage scenarios you are attending (at work, in social life, in life, and in sports, think about which of your own usage scenarios will be more);

3. To match the environment and seasons (in summer, you can match a light-colored watch, and in winter, you can match a dark-colored watch);

4. Match your age;

5. To match the nature of your business;

The appearance of men's watches is recommended to be simple and generous. The classic and durable ones are generally simple and concise. Therefore, men's watches should not be fancy, simple and generous.

In addition, the diameter of men's watches is generally above 35mm. Especially in the men's watch market, large dials are very popular. The general specifications are 38mm and above, 42mm, and even 44mm. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a watch with a diameter of 38mm and above when purchasing.

The biggest function of a watch is to watch the time. However, as people's requirements increase, there are more and more other functions of the watch in the current market, such as waterproof watches, perpetual calendar windows watches, shock-proof watches and so on.

You can choose the right function according to your needs. General sports watches come with more functions.

Among men's watches, the more common materials are stainless steel, gold/rose gold, etc. The most common is stainless steel watches, and leather strap watches are also good.

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