Is a Transparent Watch Good?

transparent watch
Is a transparent watch good? The back cover of the watch can play a very good role in protecting the watch, preventing dust and water from entering the inside of the watch. Some mechanical watch back covers are transparent. Is this good?

All subtle and subtle things should be shown to others. The transparent watch movement is very attractive in terms of structural principles and manufacturing. The exquisitely polished parts are also very beautiful. At the same time, you can observe the action process of every operation of the watch. This is also the charm of the transparent watch. Transparent watches have high requirements for the decoration of the surface of the movement, such as automatic tourneys and wheel bridges, which are generally decorated with striped patterns, pearl patterns, and arc patterns.

The glass of transparent watches is basically made of sapphire glass. Considering the contact with human wrist skin, it can also greatly reduce the exudation of nickel metal in stainless steel, thereby reducing possible allergic effects on human skin, and it is green and healthy. The only disadvantage is that there is one more waterproof seal for a transparent watch, which makes it more difficult to seal the watch.

The surface and even the inside of the transparent watch movement (including the movement identification, number, shock absorber, etc.) can be seen at a glance, so it is less likely to be made into a fake watch. Its traveling state (such as: the amplitude of the balance wheel, the rotation of the automatic rotor) can also be easily observed, which is also a benefit.

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