Should the Watch Be Worn on the Left or Right Hand?

whether the watch is worn on the left or right hand

"Whether the watch is worn on the left or right hand" Most of the respondents in the survey chose to wear it on the left hand, and 20% chose to wear it on the right hand.

This is a matter of personal habits and comfort. Many people are accustomed to wearing the watch on the non-dominant hand. On the one hand, this is done for the protection of the watch. After all, wearing it on the dominant hand will inevitably cause friction, scratches and other losses due to frequent movements.

But this is not absolute. For example, Obama, Clinton, and Prince William are all famous left-handers, but they usually wear watches on their left hands.

As a right-handed Putin, he really likes to wear a watch on his right hand. As for the reason, Putin himself explained, because "put the watch on the right hand, the crown will not stick to the wrist", it is as simple as that.

There are also celebrities who wear watches even more unusual ways. For example, Castro, who loves two watches, sees the time in his country with one watch, and the time in Cuba with the other. This wearing method was later imitated by Maradona and other celebrity admirers.

There is also a generation of menswear idol Gianni Agnelli, who likes to wear the watch on the sleeve. As for the reason, it is said that at the time, Italian tailors did not leave space for watches in the cuffs (some people say it was because of his metal allergy), and this way of wearing has become a major sign of him.

After all, the most important thing about wearing a watch is to be happy.

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