What is a Sports Watch? How to Adjust the Time of a Sports Watch?

sports watch
After hundreds of years of development, the watch is no longer a simple timing tool. In addition to traditional watches that can show their identity and temperament, sports watches with cool shapes and functions are also very popular. Especially for fashionistas who like sports, a sports watch is our best companion.

Sports watches are different from our common ordinary watches, so where is the definition of sports watches? In addition to having better waterproof, shockproof, and drop-proof features, it also has powerful functions such as air pressure prediction, altitude, heart rhythm, and compass. Some also have special functions such as tide graph display and computer operation. Nowadays, a sports watch is no longer just a watch, it is more like a high-tech instrument.

Wearing a sports watch during exercise can display the sports environment, physical status and record exercise data in real time. It has many functions and is very convenient. Compared with ordinary watches, sports watches are anti-collision and waterproof, which improves the efficiency of use. Due to the variety of functions, many people do not know how to adjust the time of a sports watch.

How to adjust the time of a sports watch?

In the normal time display state, press and hold the START button to display the time and date. In the normal time display, press the MODE button three times to enter the time setting state, the seconds flash, press the STSRT button to check the seconds, press the RESET button, the minutes flash, press the STSRT button to check the minutes, and then press the RESET and STSRT buttons respectively. The hour/date/month/week can be calibrated separately, and press the MODE key to return.

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