What is an Automatic Watch? How Automatic Watch Work?

What is an Automatic Watch? How Automatic Watch Work?

The word "Automatic" means automatic, and it refers to an automatic watch in a watch. The automatic watch is an improvement and upgrade of an ordinary mechanical watch, and an oscillating weight is added to the watch movement. When we wear an automatic watch, the oscillating weight will rotate due to the swing of the arm. In the process of rotation, the effect of winding the mainspring can be realized, thus realizing the function of automatic winding. Fully automatic watches do not need batteries, because automatic watches must be wound automatically by the swing of the arm, so they must be worn for more than eight hours a day to ensure accurate timing.

Automatic watch structure

The internal moving parts of a fully automatic watch are composed of mechanical parts, which are a balance-spring-type watch powered by a mainspring. Mechanical watches are composed of movement and appearance parts. The movement includes the transmission system, the prime mover system, the winding needle system, the escapement speed control system, and the pointer system. The parts of the movement are combined by a splint and screws. The appearance parts are composed of the case, the dial, the hands, and It is composed of watch straps and other parts.

There are many types of automatic watches, but their working principles are roughly the same. The automatic winding device is installed behind the movement and can be seen by opening the back cover. Automatic Swiss watch movements are generally thicker. An automatic watch with a general reversing wheel structure is composed of an automatic hammer (heavy hammer), a reversing wheel, an automatic transmission wheel, and an automatic head wheel. The automatic hammer is fixed on the central automatic hammer shaft with screws. Under the action of external force, it rotates around the center, driving the reversing wheel, the reversing wheel shaft teeth push the automatic transmission wheel to rotate, the automatic transmission wheel pushes the automatic head wheel, and the automatic head wheel meshes with the teeth of the large steel wheel to make the large steel wheel one The teeth rotate tooth by tooth and wind up.

The fully automatic watch is capable of winding automatically when the rotor rotates in any direction. Different from the one-way reversing device, the two-way reversing device, or the ratchet and pawl type device, automatic watches are now more. ETA2892 movement, double lion 46941 movement is a two-way automatic winding, most of them use eccentric oscillating weight (automatic rotor or automatic weight), it is shaped like a semicircular disk, and it is made of heavy metal. It is made with thick edges, so most of the mass is on the edge of the two, using the gravity of the center of the earth and the swing of the human arm to rotate, and drive a set of gears to wind up the mainspring and wind it.

How automatic watches work?

The running energy of the watch is provided by the elastic force of the mainspring. When the mainspring is fully wound, its torque is greater. As the watch operates, the mainspring loosens, and its torque gradually decreases. From the time the watch is wound up to 24 hours, its torque output is stable, and the time is relatively accurate at this time, and the error is small. After more than 24 hours, the clockwork torque will drop sharply and the travel time error will increase. To ensure that the time of the watch is more accurate, it is necessary to wind up the clockwork every day.

How to use automatic watches?

How to wind mechanical watches? It is better to use your fingers to wind the thread back and forth, because it is better to wind the thread back and forth and use your fingers to bring the big steel wheel back, which will slow down the rebound and prevent the gears from colliding, and it will also save effort to wind the thread back and forth. If you always go forward, the closer the mainspring is to the full, the greater its rebound force, and each time the winding will rebound once, and each rebound will increase the winding gear collision, making the tooth tip easy to break.

According to the calculation of the transmission ratio, 18 more turns of the crown can satisfy the watch's running time for 36 hours. However, because everyone's winding strength is different, and the friction of the waterproof rubber ring in the crown is different, it is best to rotate the crown more than 20 times when the mainspring is completely relaxed. The clockwork is fully tightened, and theoretically, it can last 40 hours (except for special watches), but after 24 hours, the accuracy of the watch cannot be guaranteed.

When the balance spring is in a static state, a certain moment is applied to the mainspring, that is, a layer of string is applied. At this time, the watch is not shaken, and the balance spring can swing automatically, which indicates the high sensitivity of this watch. If you need to shake the watch to move after winding, it means that the sensitivity of the watch is low. This phenomenon is generally caused by the excessive position of the balance wheel.

Automatic watch maintenance attention

Maintenance principles of automatic watches:

1. During the use of the automatic watch, since its mainspring can always maintain a certain degree of tightness, take it off the wrist and leave it still, and it can still maintain a walking time of more than twenty-four hours.

2. After the automatic watch has been used for many years, its flexibility will be reduced due to the wear and tear of the automatic parts. Therefore, the watch should be swayed for a certain period of time before going to bed every night to make up for the lack of power.

3. If the automatic device of the automatic watch fails, you can also use your hand to tighten the clockwork, but it will not be full. The hand-winding feels more laborious because the gears of the automatic part and the automatic hammer will also rotate with the rotation of the big steel wheel.

Steps for self-cleaning and protection of automatic watches:

(1) Wipe gently with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water;

(2) Wipe with a soft cloth dipped in clean water;

(3) Wipe with a dry soft cloth;

(4) Dry in the ventilated place;

(5) Do not send ultrasonic cleaning casually.

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