Why is Maintenance of Mechanical Watches Necessary?

Why is Maintenance of Mechanical Watches Necessary?

For expensive mechanical watches, waterproofing is very important. Most famous watches are waterproof, such as 30M, 50M, 100M and so on. But some are not waterproof. For a waterproof watch, you must first correctly understand the meaning of the waterproof depth. For example, the 30-meter and 50-meter waterproof is only life waterproof, which means that splashing water such as washing your face is no problem.

There are also some watches with higher water resistance, such as diving watches, that can swim, dive, etc., but also pay attention: you must never wear them to saunas and hot baths, because hot air enters the sealed capsule after the cushion shrinks. It can't come out, causing the fog to not be dealt with in time, causing corrosion and rust. Even if it is no problem once or twice, problems will occur over time.

The waterproof of the watch mainly depends on a few small rubber rings. After a long time, the rubber ring will age. After losing its elasticity, it will split, which may cause water and air intake. Therefore, the sealing rubber ring must be replaced regularly to ensure the watch is waterproof. This is why the watch that some people just bought is very waterproof, but suddenly one day it gets water. Someone may ask, why must it be replaced regularly? In fact, regular replacement is more of a preventive effect. It is not impossible to wait until the watch rubber ring is aging. But how to judge the aging is a problem. You can't really wait for the watch to get water before changing. Generally, how long this period is, you can consult the official after-sales service of the watch brand.

The lubricating oil will dry up

Just as a mechanical instrument becomes inflexible after a long time, so does a wristwatch, because a mechanical watch can be regarded as a small mechanical instrument. Traditional mechanical watches are mainly composed of four parts. The first part is the prime mover system, which is simply understood as the clockwork part we often say, and the second part is the transmission system, which is mainly used for gears according to a certain transmission ratio. For measuring time usage, the third part is the escapement speed control system.


It can be said that this is the heart part of the watch. The balance wheel, hairspring, pallet fork, escape wheel and other components are very important. Most of them are determined by the accuracy of the watch. The fourth part is the pointer indication system. If the above are all motorized parts, this part is the part that connects the person and the watch. People need to use this part to wind or adjust the time.

The operation of the entire watch requires the cooperation of all systems. How to make them smooth? Lubricating oil is needed here, but over time, the amount of oil will decrease or become dry and deteriorate. At this time, it is necessary to re-oil the watch. If the watch is not oiled in time, once the oil dries, the power system will be in dry wear.

After a few years, the life of the watch will be reached. It must be pointed out that it is best to choose a regular maintenance center for oiling mechanical watches. This is because the regular places will oil the watches strictly according to the needs, and often these types of lubricants are more than one kind, and the irregular ones may be One oil is used more than once. As for how often should the watch be oiled? Different brands have different cycles. For example, Rolex attaches great importance to the research and development of lubricants, and has a chemical laboratory that specializes in the research and development of oils and lubricants that are essential for mechanical watches. Therefore, Rolex's oil washing cycle will be longer (subject to actual conditions).

Appearance maintenance

If everyone can understand the above two factors, many people think they can do it by themselves. It is true, but it is best to go for a special appearance maintenance within a certain period of time. Compared with the professional ultrasonic cleaning of the repair station, the cleaning work that I can do can only wash away some dust and foreign objects seen on the surface, and the dust and foreign objects in the invisible gaps are actually not washed away. And these invisible things will have a certain impact on the watch over time.

The main purpose of watch maintenance is to prolong its service life and discover problems in time. It feels similar to the company's annual physical examination. The difference is that if we don’t have a physical examination, we may be in good health, but it’s better to have an annual physical examination. Modern people have more sub-health, but you really have not maintained a mechanical watch. One day it will be broken. This is definitely. Indeed, there is no need for frequent maintenance of the watch, but it cannot be done without maintenance at a time, and you must go to a regular place to maintain it. After all, there is a lot of water in the market for watch repairs.


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