Why Skeleton Watches Are So Fascinating?

skeleton watch

People have a natural sense of curiosity about various machines. For example: Why can clocks and watches run round and round, making a wonderful sound of ticking? Even if you have spied on the movement, you may not be able to answer your questions. There is a watch that tells you everything with its transparent body without any disguise.

The original meaning of the original word Skeleton Watch is almost terrifying. Let the movement ensure the normal operation of the situation, use a special tool-wire saw, as far as possible to remove the excess part. The clock instantly showed another face, like the skeleton of a creature. Therefore, there are still players who call the hollowed-out watch as the "pierced bone watch."

After being hollowed out, the inner world of the watch is revealed to the viewer one by one. There are so many people in the world who like the hollow watch because it can interpret the beauty of machinery to the greatest extent, and ordinary watches can only be beyond the reach.

Galaxytimepiece even thinks that the beauty of the hollow table is similar to the Taihu stone in the gardens of our country, pursuing transparency, revealing and charm. In the hall of haute horology, hollowing technology does not appear alone, but often accompanied by metal micro-carving skills. The only tiny parts of the movement plywood are carved with intricate and delicate patterns.

A priceless top-level skeleton watch is complete. Regardless of the process of hollowing out or engraving, none of the original parameters of the movement can be destroyed, otherwise it will not work properly.

In the scorching summer, I sometimes wonder: the sun is like a fire, isn't the lubricating oil in the hollow watch movement afraid of being dried by the sun? Secondly, isn't the wearer afraid that the pattern of the movement texture will be exposed on his wrist? Both of these worries seem to be superfluous so far. The hollow watch has continued its glory for more than a hundred years and has become an important means for top brands to show off their technical strength.

Special attention should be paid in the process of using the hollow watch, such a slender and beautiful watch should reduce severe vibration when wearing it. Because the beauty of the hollow is obtained under the condition of sacrificing the rigidity and stability of the movement to the greatest extent, if you really go to sports, especially golf, you should wear a professional sports watch. Rather than wear your expensive and rare hollowed-out watch.

Secondly, reduce sunshine. When the movement loses the cover of the dial, all oil application parts are directly exposed. Avoiding sunlight as much as possible can prolong the stability of the oil.

Although regular replacement of lubricating oil is a routine maintenance item that must be done after each watch has been used for a few years, it is also because the hollowed-out watch is too slender, so don't disassemble it too much. Of course, I have never doubted the operation level of the local maintenance master. A hollowed-out watch that can be called the top, the brand must be prominent and the craftsmanship must be first-class.

If the output is single-digit or even unique, combined with the moving story, how can this watch not have a value of more than one million? Buying them, sometimes it’s useless to enter a watch shop, only at the world’s three major watch auctions will you have a chance to see their true colors.

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